Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tristan And The Troubadours

I have felt the need to tell you all about probably my favorite local band, "Tristan and The Troubadours".

This is a band that consists of a group of great guys and one girl and a great range of musical talent, ranging from some crazy percussion to an insanely great violin.

Frontman Ben Conway brings a unique style to the band, and overall gives their music a unique sound, the song that first made me see the talent in this band was "Crows & Doves" and is defiantly worth listening too at some point.

Tristan and The Troubadours have played their fair share of "big" venues such as the Carling academy oxford & TRUCK festival, i remember going to see them supporting Dead Class at the academy and 90% of the fans were troubadour fans and by the time dead class came on stage the room was empty.

Well now I've told you all about Tristan and The Troubours i think its time you checked them out.

Here be their myspace: Myspace.com/TristanAndTheTroubadours

Keep an eye out for these guys, and reply to this post and let us know what you think of Tristan and the troubadours.


Monday, March 17, 2008

SHARKS - Mirrors Within Mirrors

Well then, the first "Song of the Month" has been added to The Unsigned Music Blog. A local band i have only just started listening to, and i hear they have been touring with Boy Kill Boy quite recently.

This band is defiantly a band to look out for in the future, great music and they've got balls!

With The great music & insane attitude Sharks have, i don't know why some big record company doesn't snap them up all ready, if i had to choose between going to see this band at a gig or having a night in watching jaws with a box of pop corn, i would defiantly go see Sharks!

Anyway my favorite song at the moment is "Mirrors Within Mirrors" by the sharks. Take a listen and let everyone know what you think but replying to this post.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


As you can probably tell, the main site has not yet been finished. We are currently working day and night to get this site live, and we are putting much love & care into designing it.

We are building the unsigned music to help promote bands that record companies wont sign up, maybe you appeal to a small group of people? or maybe you don't perform well in front of people.

We are here to give you the chance to get heard, and maybe make some money. After you have signed up to T.U.M. you will be able to create your unique profile and also have the ability to sell merchandise to promote you band, like t-shirts, badges etc.

You will also be able to sell your albums/songs. This functionality is currently being designed, and will most probably be in use when this site is launched.

Now your wondering when is the site going to be launched? Well hopefully it will be live beginning of July.... But you can never tell.... you know what these web developers are like.

Anyway, hope to see you on the site i July some time. If you would like to contact us about anything then please email us on feedback@theunsignedmusic.co.uk

Cheers X